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There's a great cyclist inside you too - and we can help you find it.

In the beginning, cycling was a challenge to be conquered, a mountain to climb, a speed to reach, a down-hill to do, or a distance to travel. But through the years, cycling has become so much more; it has become an outlet for stress, and a way to meet some really awesome people

500 Cyclists Campaign for Surin Tourism

Over 500 people in Surin Province have launched a cycling activity to campaign for public hospitality in preparation for a major festival in November.

The activity started at Chalerm Phrakiat 80 Phansa Park where the participants took a 25-kilometer cycling trip, encouraging residents to be good hosts to visitors by helping them whenever possible.

According to the campaign’s organizer, Surin’s Tourism and Sports Office, Surin people can lend a hand to tourists by giving information on places they might like to visit, and by considering visitors their friends or family members and alerting them to any possible dangers.

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Oval Chainrings Any Real Benefit?

Oval chainrings have been making solid inroads into the Mountain Bike scene over the last year or two. Claimed benefits over non-round rings very from manufacturer to manufacturer, and range from better efficiency, to less fatigue, to more power, to smoother power delivery.

For the past 12 months I've been using a round narrow/wide ring, so I swapped it for the oval version see what it was like. At 55 grams the 30-tooth SRAM direct mount ring is pretty much bang on the claimed weight and prices vary depending on mounting configuration.

First up, let's just dispel the ghost of oval chainrings past; the ovalisation, or 'clocking' of modern oval chainrings is exactly the opposite of the diabolical 'Biopace' rings that Shimano tried a few decades back. Now, the harder gearing becomes harder on the downstroke where your legs have the most power, and the smaller diameter is in your dead band where the cranks are moving horizontally. This means that our 30-tooth ring is like a 32T when your legs are at their strongest, and a 28T when they're at their weakest. It seems pretty logical really, and how anyone ever thought the opposite was a good idea is beyond me.

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The Correct Riding Position

If you're new to a road bike, you may feel on your first rides as if your body is being thrown unnaturally far forward. Because your whole torso is relatively low to the ground, it might seem as if you could go over the handlebar at any second. Stay relaxed and practice riding in low-traffic areas, and soon your fight-or-flight reptilian brain will learn that this position is as comfortable and as safe as any other – because it is.

There are three riding positions. The most common is neutral, in which your hands are generally resting on top of the hoods so you have access to the brakes and shifters. If the bike fits you properly, you will be able to freely turn your head to look around, not have too much pressure on your hands, and feel comfortable for extended periods of time. Viewed from the side, your torso and arms should almost form a 90-degree angle. Make an effort to keep your shoulders broad and away from your ears and your chest forward.

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Why did we create Bike Thailand

Bike Thailand - Bicycle in Thailand

If you're reading this, you likely love riding your bicycle. And when you love something, you try to share it with others. But convincing non-cyclists to ride a bicycle with you usually leads to two outcomes, and they're both not so good.

When you ride a bike all the time, it seems easy - and it is. Still, there lots of little things you do without thinking about them that are difficult for the non-cyclist. I'm talking about just getting on the bike. Have you ever set out for a ride with a new cyclist, only to turn around halfway down the block to see your partner still struggling like an amorous terrier trying to mount a reluctant Labrador? And once he's on, he can't get off. In the meantime, you find yourself looking back every few minutes to find him. It's like walking a house-cat on a retractable leash. This is not fun for you or the cat, so basically you've ruined cycling for your friend instead of turning him on to it.

The other possible outcome is even worse. We may not be doing anything special by riding our bikes, but we sure like to believe we are. We try to convince others of this by boring them with tales of our 'epics.' The worst thing you can do is invite one of these people to ride with you, because not all new cyclists are helpless. Actually, some are at an advantage because they don't know when it's supposed to be hard. Then when they get up that 'epic' climb with relative ease, they wonder what you've been bragging abut this whole time. They lose respect for you and you become bitter and disillusioned. You may have created a new cyclist, but you've ruined it for yourself. Nice going.

Sharing something you love is human nature, but humans are bad sharers. True sharing requires patience and humility.

We created Bike Thailand so people with the human need for sharing can find a place to share and find friends, even maybe a riding partner.

Cycling to me is one of the best ways to maintain my individual fitness goals. To do this solo is great, but to do it along with other individuals having this same goals is even more enjoyable.

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